Functions of Online Calculator Buttons

When using manual calculator to do your work or at school there may be many challenges which may arise due to poor functioning of your calculator. Therefore, it is always good to have another option to use and that is online calculator. These calculators are widely used because they are convenient and easy to use. They are also not commanded using mouse only but also computer keyboard where by each button has its different function. When using computer keyboard to enter commands the calculator supports both inputs of numeric keys which are found on the top and also separate keys which are found on the right side of a keyboard. The online calculators are usually convenient to use since they provide different functions which are more advanced such as standard calculator which display free online mathematical calculator. Here's a good read about  CalcuNation,  check it out!

When one wants to check the work that he or she has been doing, online calculator can be used whereby it will be displayed on the side where your work or tape is. The content that is contained in your work or tape can be edited using online calculator by deleting some of the calculations and adding any description. Every button which is contained in online calculator has its function and those functions are outlined below.

The percentage button (%) display the result of the sum which is calculated in terms of percentage. For example, to calculate the 10 percent of a certain amount may be 400 you will be required to enter 400 using your online calculator and click the star button (*) and then enter the number 5 using also your online calculator followed by clicking the percent button (%) in order to get your result. The result is usually obtained by clicking the enter button. To gather more awesome ideas, view here to get started. 

The other button which is used is the rate button and it usually display the conversion of exchange rate. For example, when converting a certain amount of money which is in form of dollars to euros you will be required to enter the current exchange rate and then click the button of rate. This button can also be used to display the amount of money you will receive when you convert from one version to another. Kindly visit this website  for more useful reference. 

Other buttons which are used in online calculator include the MS button which is used to display the overwritten number on the left side. The M+ is another button which is used to add another number on top of the number which has been stored in the memory.